Goose giblet soup semolina noodles served in a heatresistant dish with goose wings 3.990Ft
Fried, cold goose liver in its own fat, with lilac onion, hot green paprika, tomato, toast 12.900 Ft
-Crunchy goose leg fried in oven on braised onion bed with steamed red cabbage and mashed onion-potatoes 8.790 Ft
Goose breast baked in oven with forest mushrooms and potato croquettes 7.990Ft
Grilled goose liver slices with steamed onion, onion mashed potatoes, onion rings fried in breadcrumbs and „Rösti” potatoes 15.900Ft
Goose liver pan fried with forest mushroom and mashed potatoes with onion 15.900Ft
Raspberry chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream 2.290 Ft